In case of existing buildings, our inspection involves an initial evaluation consisting of a comprehensive assessment of all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, conveying and fire protection systems. Findings are reported to the client in case remediations are required.

In case of new constructions, we realize periodic inspections during the construction phase to verify installation methods and to witness the contractor’s pre-functional testing procedure. We finally conduct our final inspections at the completion of the project to verify performance of all the MEP installations are as per specifications.

If the MEP was designed by another engineering firm, we can participate as a third party which can guarantee that owner and/or engineers intent is complied with by the contractors during the construction phase.

Visual Assessment
A visual inspection is intially conducted to take note of all installed equipment and their specifications (rating, capacity, wattage, etc). A general assessment is made about the equipment status and functionality (working, out of order)
This is the only type of inspection performed by the majority of inspection firms but it lacks verification of the equipment's real performance and interlink with other pieces of equipment or systems.

Functional Testing
BRS qualified engineers conduct functional testing procedures based on related standards to ensure the functionality, performance, safety, and interlocks of the involved equipment/systems. Detailed testing forms are completed and incorporated in a comprehensive report to document results, findings, and recommended actions.
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Engineering Safety & Performance