Commissioning is a systematic quality-based process for achieving, validating and documenting that the performance of building systems meets your design requirements.

A thorough Commissioning process will confirm that building systems and equipment are operating properly, allowing you to realize the benefits of:

• Improved system and equipment performance
• Increased energy efficiency
• Improved building system control
• Decreased potential of systems failure
• Reduced building operation and maintenance ​costs 

Commissioning Tasks by BRS
• LEED Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning
• Design Peer Review for Compliance With Norms
   And Standards (NFPA, BS, French,...)
• Contract Document Review
• Construction Submittal Review
• Installation Verification
• Pre-Functional & Functional Testing
• Operational Performance Testing
• Integrated Systems Testing
• Major Equipment Start-Up Observation &
 ​ Review
• Equipment Performance Warranty Review
• O&M Personnel Training
• Post Acceptance Activities
• Retro-Commissioning
• LEED Prerequisite & Enhanced Commissioning
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Engineering Safety & Performance